Primax Tools is committed to providing industrial processes and applications that consistently meet or exceed our customer requirements in a timely, safe and environmentally sound manner. Our strategic priorities are 'Total Customer satisfaction' and 'A Safe and Harmonious Work Enviornment.





While Modern technology and machinery have simplified many industrial processes, people remain at the core of Primax technical expertise.



Who We Are
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With utilization of better technology and the increasing demands of the manufacturers for high accuracy tools, Primax Tools Technology brings a range of innovative products, which are the result of years of experience and efforts.


We adhere to the international standards for quality and have the required expertise to produce high quality tools and components.  With a rich and valuable experience in the art of developing quality tools for reputed companies, we have maintained a successful record over the years.



What We Do
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Primax Tools Technology is an acclaimed manufacturer and exporter of quality tools, dies and other related products. Our products include the following :

  • Press Tools
  • Injection Moulding Tools
  • Fixtures
  • Electrical Plastic Components
  • Injection Moulding Tools
  • Pressure Die Casts
  • Compression Moulds



What We Do
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Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured as per the industry norms and global standards of quality are strictly maintained. All the processes carried out within our organization are done so under the strict supervision of the quality inspectors, who do not allow the possibility of any flaw. Our quality inspectors check the quality of our products and ensure that no product is dispatched, which does not conform to the company's quality standards.